My company workshops cost $10,000 to attend. Or, I’ll make you a deal: you support my coffee habit,

and I’ll teach you how to unlock your most powerful writing voice, just like I did.


If you've never heard of me, hi there...

My name is Nicolas Cole
and I'm the #1 business and life advice writer on the Internet.

What does that mean, exactly?


Before I had even turned 24 years old,

I set the record
for the fastest user to ever go from
making their first post
to being crowned a "Top Writer"
in 9 months, flat.

(Quora gets over 300M unique visitors PER MONTH,
and only 0.5% of the users are
Top Writers.)

In addition...

I discovered arguably the most valuable
content marketing hack

on the entire Internet.

...and nobody else knew it existed.

I realized that Quora
had columns with almost every major publication:

- Inc Magazine
- Forbes
- Business Insider
- Fortune
- Apple News

The list goes on and on.

So what did I do?

I studied what each one of these publications
liked to republish from Quora,
specifically the topics, the headlines,
and the way they seemed to want the content written...

And then I replicated it.

I created formulas for myself
that matched the style guide of each publication.

Then, I would write an Answer on Quora (to someone else's Question)
formatted the same way an article would appear
on Inc, or Forbes, or Business Insider.

Guess how many of these publications
republished my work?

All of them.

In fact, in 2015, there was a 6 month period
where Inc Magazine was republishing one of my Quora answers
as an article

For 6 months straight.

Eventually, I just sent them an email and was like,
"Look guys and gals, you clearly are enjoying
the Nicolas Cole experience.

Why don't you give me a column 
of my own?"

Pretty easy to negotiate
when the other person is already hooked
on your product.

They gave me the column.

Guess what I did next?

This is what made me the #1 entrepreneurship writer on the Internet.

I doubled my output.

Instead of saying, "Thanks Quora, see ya!" 

I wrote one article per day on Quora
(to keep all these distribution channels
I'd just unlocked open),

...and I wrote one article PER DAY
for Inc Magazine.

Nobody wrote as much as me.

In fact, I was one of their only daily columnists—



In less than 30 days,
I went from being "the new guy"
contributing to Inc Magazine,

to being their Golden Boy,
"Nicolas Cole, the Viral King."

By the time I turned 25 years old,
I was averaging several million views
on my written content each month.

Between the 1.5M / month on Quora...

And the ~300,000 / month on Inc...

And all my articles getting republished on 
dozens of other publications...

My name was everywhere.

Next thing I know:

Podcasts started reaching out.
"Love your story, would you be willing to come on my show?"

Other columnists started reaching out.
"I've read a ton of your work, can I interview you for a piece I'm working on?"

Companies, founders, executives started reaching out.
"You have a very engaging writing voice.
Would you be willing to ghostwrite for me?"

Investors and venture capitalists started reaching out.
"Love reading your stuff on Quora. Let's keep in touch."

Google "Nicolas Cole"
and I own all of page 1, page 2, and page 3.

See, what my (well-intentioned, but highly outdated)
teachers never taught me in school was
something I had to
discover for myself:

Which is...

When you can write well,
you command attention.


I have made a career for myself writing for some of the most successful business leaders in the world.

World-renowned entrepreneurs,

Silicon Valley investors,

New York Times best-selling authors,

international speakers.

But the truth is…

I’m just a creative writer who took the time to learn how the business world works.

So, if whether you’re a founder,

a CEO or VP of Marketing,

or maybe you’re exactly where I was a few years ago,

an ASPIRING writer, author, or freelancer,

I’d like to share with you all the things I had to teach myself

in order to go from being “just another kid with a degree in fiction writing and no portfolio,”

to becoming the #1 business and life advice writer on the Internet with over 50,000,000 views on my writing,

AND an entrepreneur myself, with a seven-figure business called Digital Press.

That’s right.

My unique approach to writing on the Internet has generated over $1,000,000 for my company.

It’s the reason my work has appeared in just about every major publication on the Internet.

It’s how I’ve been able to speak at conferences,

and on noteworthy podcasts,

and connect with some of the most well-known business leaders in the world.

I turned my love for writing

into more than a career.


and learned how to LEVERAGE LANGUAGE in a way

that opened every single door I could have ever wanted to open.

So, here's the deal.

I know not everyone can attend my $10,000 company workshops.

I also know it would be humanely impossible for me to sit down with each and every person

that wanted to learn these lessons I’ve learned from me, one on one.


The next best thing I can do is sit here with a cup of coffee

and write you, directly, taking the time to explain these important lessons

in detail.

So, here’s the deal:

I'm a bit of a coffee addict (like most writers are),

which means I need my coffee if I’m going to write anything of value.

But, if you cover my $4.97 coffee from the shop I always go to down the street,

I'll tell you everything I know in return,

every single month,

for as long as you find value in this monthly letter.

The moment you feel like you've learned enough,
or you're bored of my stories of who I meet in Hollywood Hills—

like the guy who invented the swipe-right feature on Tinder,

or the guy who sold his company for $100M and gave me some of the best business advice I've ever heard,

you're free to unsubscribe.

In fact, if even the FIRST letter doesn't immediately grab you,
just shoot me an email, 
request a refund,
and I'll give you your money back.

I'm not blocking off time every month to write something this important
just to keep your $4.97.

Trust me, 
I've learned there are far easier ways to make money.

No, this cup of coffee is out of principle alone.

I'll also be checking my email regularly
looking for individual questions
as inspiration for the next Nicolas Cole Letter.

So please, if you have specific questions,


And I'll do my best to answer them directly in the next few letters.

What else...

The Nicolas Cole Letter will also give you access to a few things I won't be publicizing anywhere else.

In fact, only the people subscribed here will even know about some of the cool things I'm going to be offering.


- How to write headlines built for virality.

- How to come up with a never-ending list of content ideas.

- 5 easy but incredibly important steps you can take to 10x your personal brand online.

...and things like that.

I'll ALSO be giving you discounts on


I ever release.

For example,

I'm planning on publishing two books in 2019.

I'm going to give every reader of The Nicolas Cole Letter
a FREE copy of the eBook.


Because I want to give you all the things I didn't have.

I want to shorten your growth curve by a factor of 10.

If it took me 3 years to learn how to write viral articles,
experimenting night after night after night,
then I want to help you master it in 6 months.

If it took me 5 years to figure out
how to build a (very successful) business around WRITING,

then I want to help you do it in one year.

I am a firm believer in paying it forward,
and reaching back to help the next person.

So, after years and years of digging deep into the digital writing world,

after years of being a poor writer investing endlessly in myself,

and after finally making it to the other side,

let me save you from having to take the scenic road.

Let's grab coffee,

so your own journey can move a whole lot faster.

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